Christmas Came Early & Meatless Monday

Hey hey! Posting two times in one day- who am I?! 

I came home to some exciting giveaway stuff waiting at my door! I feel like a running gear Santa. I also got in an Influenster Vox Box, and get to try some yummy new cheese. 

cat with mail

Sophie had to inspect the packages. You know, for safety.

I am getting excited as my little pile of giveaways is building up and am going to have a full suitcase. Brunch Bloggers, get ready for some awesome stuff! The highlight of today was this BOX of stuff from Bob at Redfox Wireless! And the items shown on top aren’t even the best of what’s in the box…

redfox wireless giveaway

Redfox Wireless hooked us up!!!

I’ve also received some awesome stuff from Scott James Jewelry, Sweaty Bands, a promo code for “The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World”  from Megan of Running Toward the Prize and a little somethin’ somethin’ from Running With Perseverance.

run with perseverance tank

What’s inside? Its a surprise!

Clean Out the Pantry!

On another note, we haven’t gone shopping for food in over a week. All the fresh fruits and veggies are long gone (save one lonely tomato and 2 sweet potatoes.) We’ve just been so darn busy. Plus, I have that feeling where I feel like there’s a lot of food in the house but its just random pantry and freezer stuff not the normal grab and go. I’m challenging myself to make some “Clean Out the Pantry” meals this week. I threw together an altogether amazing dish tonight out of random pantry/freezer items. 

cuban food in a bowl

Celebrating ethnic diversity one yummy meal at a time.

I made yellow rice, black beans seasoned with Cumin and leftover salsa, plantains from the freezer and a random half bag of green beans from the freezer. I cooked everything up, threw it in a bowl and BAM a really hearty, filling dinner all from pantry stuff. Not too shabby eh? 

I also managed to celebrate Meatless Monday and realized I didn’t eat any meat today (mostly because we don’t have any, but hey I can say its for erm….environmental reasons or something….) You know your meatless dinner is a success when your husband who initially is like what?! no meat? ends dinner saying how delicious it was.

Funny side story: so anytime Ryan tries to give me any side eye about buying the expensive organic meat from the grocery section, I just threaten that Vegetarian Stephanie will come back and then he can save lots of money on meat since I won’t cook any. That usually works pretty well.

Did you make a meatless dinner today? Have you ever challenged yourself to “Clean Out the Pantry?” 

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Motivation Monday

motivation monday

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Taste of South Tampa

I’m trying to get my blogging in before Game of Thrones comes on at 9, so I’ll keep it quick. 

Today we went to a really cool event held in South Tampa at Hyde Park Village,  Taste of South Tampa. I won tickets from Jackie of See Jackie Run another local run blogger- I actually met Jackie on Thurs at a blogger event! 

taste of south tampa

The weather was beautiful, sunny and in the low-80′s and Ryan and I made sure to show up hungry. 

taste of south tampa


They had a TON of local restaurants, breweries, wineries and even some alcohol distilleries. 

taste of south tampa

This shows you how many places there were to try!

As soon as we got there we dug right in! My hands were full of tasty treats most of the time so I didn’t get as many pics as I’d hoped, but eh, sometimes its more about the experience.

taste of south tampa

Ryan sampling a cocktail made with locally distilled rum.

taste of south tampa

Blueberry beer- I loved the color!

taste of south tampa

Yummy mango iced tea.

taste of south tampa

Chicken & Waffle sandwich- I’m sad to report it looks a lot better than it tasted.

taste of south tampa

I can’t et over how adorable this tiny bbq sammie and milkshake were!

taste of south tampa

nom nom cake!

This event was really fun and I would definitely go next year. The prices for tickets were reasonably ($35 advance) and it was all-inclusive, so you could eat and drink samples to your heart’s content. I like this much better than other “Taste of” events I’ve been to that makes you pay for each individual sample item. 

After a really pleasant time in the sunshine, we headed home and I read and napped. Now its GoT time!

Have you ever gone to a local “Taste of” event? Did you find a lot of new restaurants to try?

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Checking In

Hey all. I haven’t blogged for a couple of days and missed my weekly Coffee Talk because things have been crazy busy. But you know, its been good busy. My students are a month out from their exam, we’ve been reviewing after school and weekends, and it feels good to see what they’ve learned. This morning we had a donut party review sesh and the time flew- I guess we were actually having fun. Weird how hanging out with those kiddos talking about history was a fairly pleasant way to spend my morning!

I’ve also been busy planning our Blogger Brunch, which is really coming together and I am getting more and more excited about. To make it happen though, I’m communicating with a bunch of sponsors, coordinating with my co-host, keeping track of RSVP’s and social media-ing it up. I really love planning things so it doesn’t even feel like work, but nonetheless it takes up a chunk of time.


I know I have a bunch of events to tell you about (2 5k’s, a blogger painting event and something fun I’m attending tomorrow) but this glass of wine and I are more in the mood to enjoy a slow, restful evening with my husband and Harry Potter. I wanted to check in with my readers and tell you that I’m thankin’ boutcha and hope you too are enjoying your Saturday night. Be well everyone!

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Bedtime Blogging

I had to share a few things that made today one of the best Wednesdays in a while!

1. When I got an email about Kate Spade’s 25% off sale, I knew it would be bad news for my bank account but I couldn’t resist looking. I’d been eyeing a small Weekender bag for a while and found a pattern I loved on sale plus the 25% off- before I knew it I’d bought it, no regrets. It came in today and is the perfect size- larger than a purse but smaller than a duffle bag. This is making me even more excited for DC!

2. I painted my nails a pretty pink color for spring! Sophie loved nail time, as usual, but I think she stole my nail file…

3. Ryan and I sat down to finish my business cards a couple of weekends ago because I knew there’d be some fun blogging events coming up. I absolutely love what he came up with and today the printed cards came in!

I hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Tell me something that made you happy today.

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Motivation Monday

motivation This quote made me chuckle but its what’s speaking to me today. I have a busy, busy month ahead and while its easy to feel overwhelmed, its not going to get any easier stressing and putting things off. Plus, some of the work is going toward things that should be fun like the Blogger Brunch I’ve been planning!

What is motivating you this week?

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Nike Women’s Half DC Blogger Brunch

I am super, SUPER excited to announce something I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Since many of us will be heading to DC in a few weeks for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon I thought it would be fun to organize a meetup for race weekend. I mentioned it in passing and Roaen of Love Life Logistics reached out to me and asked if I wanted help organizing to which I said – Heck YES! We combined our epic powers of organization and this happened…

NWHM DCRoaen helped me choose the place since she lives in the DC area and said Founding Farmers is known for a great brunch. You guys know how I feel about brunch (and cough, mimosas) so I thought what better way to fuel up for our run than gathering together for some brunchtasticness, nerdy run talk, and of course, the Tiffany bling! 

We’re also working on getting some sponsors to maybe donate some prizes and such to make the event that much MORE awesome, so fingers crossed we’ll have some rad stuff to share. 

If you’re interested in attending check out the following Google Form for specific information and if you can make it, fill it out to RSVP. If you have any problems using the form you can contact me from the email on the right or Tweet @catladyruns and I’ll help you out :-) If you can’t make if but have a friend who’s in DC feel free so spread the word- the more the merrier!

Even if you can’t attend the Nike Women’s Half Blogger Brunch, we created a linky so you can share your Nike Women’s Half Marathon posts as we get ready for the weekend. We’ll post again on May 1st with our own recaps so we can all see how everyone did. 

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Silent Saturday

But not the kind you usually see on blogs – I’m silent in real life!

I’ve completely lost my voice, which is crazy because its never happened before. I guess lecturing for 2 days on a raspy sore throat was a bad idea because it just got worse Thurs, Fri and now today I basically have only a whisper. As fun as sounding like a prepubescent boy has been, I’m missing my real voice. It wouldn’t be such a big deal except my job requires A LOT of talking so I’m hoping to knock this out by Monday. I also am craving a good run. I feel squishy in the belly, sad and blah. Maybe getting sick is the motivation I’ve needed to start missing running! 

A weird side effect of not being able to talk is that I feel super isolated even though my husband has been home with me. I’m trying not to talk at all the rest of today or tomm since rest is supposed to help but the effect is I feel alone and the house is too quiet…and I miss him if that makes sense. No fun banter or silly jokes back and forth sucks. I would never have guessed how much a silly throat problem could affect my mental state. 

The silver lining is I’ve been drinking tons of warm, soothing drinks. My husband made me this epic hot chocolate with marshmallows AND a ton of whipped cream. He’s worth keeping around.  

20140405-172015.jpg Have you ever lost your voice? Do you have any home remedies I should try?

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Things That Make Me Happy

Not a lot of running has been happening because I’m still sick. My student’s exam is about 6 weeks away so I don’t have time to waste so I’ve been lecturing the past 2 days, and that was probably not the best idea because now I can barely talk! 

I found this on Erin’s blog, Hey Hollywood and thought it would be a cute post idea. You can link up and do it too!

32 Things That Make Me Happy!

1. my husband

2. Aedan

3. Sophie

4. Cuddles

5. coffeeeeeeeeeeeee

6. reading in bed while its raining out

7. racing

8. a Starbucks date with a friend


10. building a savings account (I know, I feel like such an adult)

11. my Prius

12. wearing comfy clothes

13. brownies

14. going to the beach on a warm day

15. cooking dinner while listening to Dave Matthews Band

16. an effortless run in perfect weather

17. pizza

18. Kate Spade bags

19. watching a movie with a big bowl of popcorn

20. giggling about something silly with my husband

21. TOMS

22. making plans for the future

23. Real Housewives

24. mimosas

25. going to Disney World

26. connecting with people online

27. my town, St. Petersburg

28. hanging out with my mom

29. writing

30. freshly painted nails

31.running in a tutu ;-)

32.listening to audiobooks

What’s making you happy today?

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Tuesday Thoughts and Giveaway Winner

Good morning everyone!
I’ve been home sick for the past 2 days and am feeling MUCH better today. I started getting a sore throat over the weekend and it became incredibly painful Sunday night so I went to urgent care on Monday and yay no strep, just a crummy sinus infection. I decided to stay home today to nip things in the bud rather than rushing back to work and prolonging things. 

Tuesday Thoughts

1. I feel so behind on my blogging, I have 2 races to tell you about, a giveaway winner and an event a fellow blogger and I are in the process of planning. My students are taking their AP exam in 6 weeks so work will be crazy as I work a ton extra to review with them. I think I’ll just have to get used to feeling behind for the next month- sometimes that’s how life goes, right? 

cat in space

This will be me for the next month.

2. Running has taken a backseat in life which makes me sad. I think I’m burned out from racing so much and at the end of the day going for a run tends to drop on my priority list. I’m thinking I need to try morning running to combat the afternoon fatigue, esp since I won’t be home til 5ish most days over the next month.

rhobh reaction gif

3. You’ve probably noticed the changes to this site, since I now have an awesome logo at the top of the page :-) My hubby has been working on my logo and I’m super happy with what he came up with!

cat lady runs

4. I can accomplish one of the things on my to do list here:

Giveaway Winner

Whats on your mind today? 


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