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I’m sitting in the waiting room of the Toyota dealership waiting for my car to get its oil changed. A summer storm just started and there are lots of little old ladies sitting nearby watching the History Channel. Writing a post on my writing process seems so appropriate in such a random situation like this because I feel like much of my writing happens during unexpected moments of time like this. 
Heather from Then Heather Said emailed me about participating in this blog tour to write about our writing- starting to sound all meta over here. I thought it was a great idea because A) I have a blog crush on Heather and all the awesome things she’s involved with (Healthy Living Summit organizer, blogging, podcasting, you name it) and B) I’ve never really thought about my process so I might as well do my thinking out loud and share it with everyone, right? Tis the nature of my generation, so here goes. 

Heather I totally stole your About Me picture!

What am I working on?
Currently I’m working on a bunch of things and realize I have my hand in all sorts of cookie jars. I’m constantly seeking to scribble down ideas for CLR in the little notebook I carry in my purse and then the hard part- actually write about them. I feel like I constantly have 5 post ideas floating around that I need to write about but its okay, that just means I have fresh content always on my mind. I have a fancy spreadsheet with post ideas and need to revamp it because it was really useful when I maintained it. My goal for the summer is to write a little every. single. day. I have a grandiose idea of writing a book (about what, who knows) just to say I have and to see how that goes and how the experience impacts my writing. Even if that idea is crazy lofty, I’ll end up with a whole bunch of scribbles in my notebook or random Google Docs and that counts for something (I hope…)
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I think my blog differs from other healthy living blogs or even more specifically other running blogs because of me (well duh, Stephanie) but seriously. I feel like I’m a really middle of the road runner. I’ve been running for years but am still pretty slow. I’ve never been very overweight but I’ve never been super skinny fitness model fit. I still struggle to maintain a healthy balance when pizza just calls my name sometimes. Many of the blogs I regularly read made me feel a little bit intimidated. How can you place first in your age group, run ultramarathons and eat so damn much kale?!
One thing I realized is other people might feel intimidated by this too and there are plenty of newbie runners or middle of the road runners like myself who want to see more realistic goals accomplished. They have fat days and can lament about them with me. They might not feel comfortable asking for running advice from someone running a 7 minute mile but are totally comfortable emailing someone who only sees single digit mile times once in a blue moon. 
Oh and you can’t forget my cats. The internet loves cats, so that’s just a shameless attempt at more traffic. No just kidding, I really am just a crazy cat lady and the fact that this URL was available made my year :-)
(insert gratuitous cat pictures here)
He really sleeps like this.

He really sleeps like this.

Furry furry Cuddles!

Furry furry Cuddles!

I love this picture of my curious girl.

I love this picture of my curious girl.

Why do I write what I do?
Considering I was a totally non-athletic person who dabbled in a sport here and there, it still amazes me that I’ve fallen in love with running. I started this blog while training for my marathon because I kept talking people’s ears off about my training, new things I’ve learned, how to run faster, farther, stronger (sounds like a Kanye song up in here.) When something becomes a passion you need an outlet for it so you don’t become that person who blabs on and on with no regard for whether people want to listen. A love for writing plus running made this beautiful blog baby, ta daaaa! But really, I love reading other people’s experiences at races, reviews on new gear, techniques to try and on and on. I feel like its only good karma to contribute my own perspective. 
disney marathon finish


How does my writing process work?
When I first started this blog I feel like I had a much more defined process with a spreadsheet of ideas and post calendar and all that. I want to get back to some of that for my own love of organization but my writing has become much more organic. I think “hm, what’s on my mind today” and write about it. Sometimes its just a simple fact of “gee I should probably post about that race sometime before the next one rolls around…” or deadlines sneak up and I end up writing in the Toyota Service Center drinking bad coffee with senior citizens and 80’s songs on a loop. I always scribble down ideas I have on my daily to do list and roll over whatever doesn’t get written to the next day. Sometimes If I’m feeling very ambitious I’ll write out the skeleton of a post in advance on Google Docs and then can just spruce it up with some pictures and BAM problem solved, next problem. Oh and coffee. ALWAYS coffee when I write or else it ain’t happening. 
So the next step of the tour is to pass along the torch to a couple of bloggers I chose to share their writing process- see its fun!
-Roaen from Love Life Logistics and my fabulous Co-host for NWHM Blogger Brunch was an obvious choice because this lady is so crazy organized and accomplished. She made our event SO MUCH easier to plan and became not just an internet contact but a friend in the process :-)
-Desi from A Northern Girl  has kindly offered to co-host a possible future event, so stay tuned this fall. I love her awesome glasses, and how she touches on all kinds of different things in her posts. I’m looking forward to getting to know this lady better and reading about her writing. 


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    Thanks friend! I have been a little insecure about the glasses, so thank you! :) I love that I feel like I can relate to you – you’re right, so many healthy lifestyle bloggers are AG winners or run distances far longer than I ever care to think about. I’ve kind of struggled to find people I can relate to in the blogosphere!
    Desi @ A Northern Girl recently posted…Pure Lyft #CleanCaffeine ReviewMy Profile

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    Omg, those cats pictures! Especially the first one- sooo cute! Love this post- it’s really interesting! And I wish I could blog at the Toyota dealership; you have more focus than me! :(
    Amanda recently posted…Binge-a-thonMy Profile

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    I love this idea of a blogging tour. If you come up with a new way of organizing your posts I bet it’d be great to revisit this to see how it’s making a difference. Looking forward to checking out Heather’s as well.


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