Good News and Coffee Talk

Good Morning!

You may remember I’ve had some job related stress over the status of my position. Welllll, I’m writing from a hotel room in Orlando this morning as I get ready to attend training for a new job. I’m still keeping my regular teaching job but I landed a gig teaching online through our state’s virtual school. I’ve heard so many amazing things about working here and am excited to try it out over the summer and see how I like it! 

I drove up yesterday after work to avoid rush hour traffic and checked into a nearby hotel. My room is pretty spacious and I love the little attention to detail!

hyatt place orlando

hyatt place orlando

How did they know this is my FAVORITE?!

I did a T25 Workout in my room, and headed out to go check out the outlet malls. I got lost and ended up skipping the outlets and going to buy a new computer charger since I forgot mine at home and grabbed a yummy Turkey burger since I was starving at this point. 

burger 21 turkey burgerI had a fun little adventure traveling by myself but by the time I put on some jammies and climbed into bed I was struck with how alone I felt. Even when I lived alone in college I had Aedan and Cuddles so there were always little furry beings around to keep me company. Here it was no cats, no husband, no friends. It was weird.

Its about time for me to finish getting ready so I’ll leave you with a few links for coffee talk.

coffee talk

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Toilet cats. 




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